Kris Haughian is the host and owner of Predator World Hunting, and a distinguished competitive long-range shooter with 3zero6 Precision. With over 30 years dedicated to predator hunting, particularly focusing on daytime hunting and calling Saskatchewan coyotes, Kris's experience in the field has not only honed their skills as a marksman but also established them as a leading figure in the hunting community. Kris's expertise and dedication to precision and discipline have earned them the title of one of Canada’s top shooters.

In recognition of Kris's achievements and skill, Kris is honored to represent Canada at the World Championships in 2024. This opportunity is not just a testament to Kris's personal dedication to the sport but also a chance to showcase Canadian excellence in competitive shooting on an international stage. Kris's journey from the wild terrains of Saskatchewan to competing against the world’s best marks an important milestone in their career.


Born and raised in Southern Ontario, Matt grew up an avid Hunter and Fisherman. His love for hunting started at a young age chasing coyotes, stalking whitetails and tracking moose through the dense wilderness of Northern Ontario.


His drive to develop his skills and knowledge to become a more successful hunter led him to the precision shooting sports. Matt shot his first rimfire precision rifle match in 2021 and from that point on he was hooked. Since then, Matt has been a competitive shooter in the Precision Rifle Series in both Rimfire and Centerfire. Matt prides himself in helping newer shooters get involved in the sport or on the line. Matt feels the direct relation between competitive shooting and hunting has significantly grown his capabilities in both aspects of the sport making him a more successful hunter.


Jeff resides in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada, with his wife, Leslee. They have a family that includes four beautiful daughters and six grandchildren. Jeff is a Prostaff member for Predator World Hunting and competes in PRS, RifleMan Team Challenge, and NRL Hunter events. His wins include the 2023 MDT Rifleman’s Team Challenge, the 2023 NRL Hunter Defiance Anti Social Team event, and the 2024 NRL Hunter Grand Slam Finale Team event. Jeff has also qualified to shoot for Team Canada in the Open Division at the 2024 IPRF World Championships. For PRS events, Jeff opts for the Fat Boy Traverse two-section tripod, and for NRL Hunter events, he uses the Elevate two-section tripod.